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 Are you ready to start your MBA journey?

If you have MBA aspiration and are of African descent, worked/lived in Africa, or are passionate about Africa, the YAM Business School Prep Program is here to help you navigate the MBA application process successfully. Getting through the application process is not for the faint of heart and everyone needs help along the way. BSP and your coach can be that guiding voice, helping hand, and additional eyes to ensure you submit a strong application to earn your spot in a top U.S. business school. With your hard work and our program resources, your MBA journey will be much smoother. We make no guarantees, but we have a great track record of helping individuals get into great schools, as shown in the testimonials here. Don't wait. Apply today for a spot in the 2021 cohort!

What we ask of you:​

  • Commit to the program in its entirety

    • Participate in mandatory learning activities

    • Complete assigned deliverables

    • Engage meaningfully with your cohort, your mentor, program leadership

  • Give assurance that you will be applying to schools during round 1 or 2 (for enrollment in 2022)

  • Build a strong relationship with your coach -- stay in touch regularly; leverage them for support and advice; give serious consideration to feedback; and respect their time and shared resources

  • Pay the program fee of $200 upon enrollment as a fellow in the program

In exchange, we will provide you:

  • A structured curriculum

  • One-on-one coaching and access to the broader YAM network

  • A cohort experience

*More details on these elements here

2021 Program timeline:

Check out the current tentative timeline here.

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