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Here is what some past fellows have to say...

Sadiq, Stanford GSB Class of 2020

“As I reflect on my b-school experience thus far, I cannot help but be thankful for the YAM BSP program for helping me get to where I am. The program was helpful on three fronts. First, it was great having a community with which I went through the application process. This was a huge morale booster and an accountability mechanism - balancing the demands of work and the tenuous application process was not easy! Secondly, getting access to important resources - informed by folks that had been through the process and were successful was invaluable. I am yet to meet a set of more selfless and dedicated people than the members of the program’s leadership and it was fantastic having people that invested in my success. Finally, I’m grateful that my BSP cohort remains an important part of my support network whilst at b-school. The lifelong friendships will undoubtedly be the most valuable takeaway from the program.”

Country of origin: Nigeria
Industry interests: Management consulting

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