Here is what some past fellows have to say...

Aniekeme, Wharton Class of 2020

“I currently attend the Wharton School and it is likely this wouldn’t have been possible without the experience and the guidance I received through BSP.

The most crucial part of the BSP program for me was my relationship with my coach. She was very accessible and supportive, but also firm about deadlines and what she expected of me. I felt comfortable enough to go to her for any questions and she was very generous with her time and resources — connecting me with several other business school alums. 


In addition to an incredible coach, I benefited from the cohort experience as I had colleagues, friends really, to look over my essays, prep for interviews and trade information with. Celebrating their successes as they celebrated mine. Going through workshops and application process with my cohort brought us closer and we are still very much in touch. “

Country of origin: Nigeria
Industry interests: Venture capital or social enterprise in Africa