2019 Cohort application requirements and tips

As you prepare to apply for your spot in the 2019 Cohort, we want to make you aware of what we are looking for in applicants and what is asked in the application.

What we are looking for:​

  • Applicants that are applying to business school by January 2020 (MBA Class of 2022)

  • Applicants that articulate a thoughtful research and reflection on why business school and why now -- we are not looking for a "perfect" MBA candidate but we want to know that you are ready to put in the work needed to get you to your best applications when the time comes

  • Applicants that demonstrate some of the characteristics business schools look for: hard work ethic, ambition/drive, leadership, teamwork, engaged citizenship or community involvement, passion, etc.

  • Applicants that adhere to basic professional practices/norms: courtesy, concise writing, neat formatting, proper grammar and spelling, etc.

  • Applicants with a GMAT equivalent score of 550 or higher -- we want you to have put in some work already to ensure you can both manage attaining a solid GMAT/GRE score while building the rest of your application (e.g., essays)

    • Though the exam score is not the only or main evaluation factor for BSP admission, we use it to understand where you are in relation to the rest of your application, as business schools will.

    • You must submit an official test score OR a practice score taken within the last 90 days.

    • For practice GMAT exams, we recommend GMAC (official exam provider), Manhattan Prep,  Veritas Prep, or Magoosh.

    • For practice GRE exams, we recommend ETS (official exam provider), Magoosh, Kaplan Test Prep, and Manhattan Prep. 

    • When you take the practice exam, take it a time when you are mentally sharp (i.e., not after a long day of work) -- Saturday or Sunday mornings/afternoons work well.  You want to simulate as real as possible exam conditions.

What we ask you in the application:

  • Personal information -- name, gender, country of origin, location

  • Education -- undergraduate school, degree, GPA (graduate details if applicable)

  • Professional background -- current company and position, past industries (resume must be uploaded)

  • MBA application context -- target schools, re-applicant status

  • Official/practice GMAT or GRE score -- 550 or higher

  • Short essays -- questions to help us get to know your more deeply, but briefly

    1. ​What do you aspire to do? Why do you want to pursue an MBA? (150 words max)

    2. What are you most proud of having experienced, overcome, or accomplished? (50 words max)

    3. Tell us about a time you failed at something and what you learned. (150 words max)

    4. The mission of YAM is "to bridge the gap in management talent in Africa." How would you contribute to this mission during and after you complete the Business School Prep program, if selected as a fellow? (50 words max)

In approaching the short essays, please be aware that we are not expecting b-school quality essays, though we do expect you put some time and thought into them.  Our recommendation is that you draft a version offline, get 1 or 2 people to review for clarity and grammatical issues, and then refine before submitting in the form.  Keep in mind that the word limits are LIMITS -- the form will not allow you to exceed the maximum set.

Finally, our application platform allows you to save and return to your application, so take advantage of that.  Should you have any questions as you work through the application, email us at yam.bschoolprep@gmail.com.

We look forward to reviewing your application!